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Nocera Umbra

Nocera Umbra


Saint Francis visited Nocera a number of times, as the city was at an important crossroads along the historic Via Flaminia towards Fano, and an alternative route for the March of Ancona. The saint was also friends with Saint Rinaldo, bishop during Francis’ life and now patron saint of Nocera. Rinaldo was one of the seven Umbrian bishops who, on August 2, 1216, participated in the promulgation of the Porziuncola Indulgence by Honorius III. To memorialize the passage of Saint Francis in Nocera, one of the Medieval city gates is dedicated to his name. There are also the remains of the Franciscan convent “La Romita” along the route. For information regarding local Franciscan history and sites, contact the parish priest, Don Angelo Menichelli.

Source: “La via di Francesco” – Edizioni San Paolo S.r.l.


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