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ONE WEEK BIKE TOURfrom La Verna to Assisi



ACCOMMODATION: 6 nights in holiday farms and hotels

PRICE: €450 per person in a double room, €600 per person in a single room

THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: half-board for accommodation in a double or single room, pilgrim’s welcome kit (rucksack or T-shirt and printed guidebook). 

On request, the Pilgrim’s Credential with each person’s name on it will also be issued.

EXTRA SERVICES: For already formed groups, customized quotations and special itineraries can be organized.Transfer of luggage from place to place.Light lunch.Transfer of bikes/people.Bike rental.Insurance.

WE RECOMMEND: road or hybrid bicycle.



The first day we arrive at La Verna in time to tour the city and enjoy its beautiful sights; dinner and overnight at the hotel.

We start from La Verna and go through Pieve Santo Stefano and on to Citerna, where we will spend the night. 49.5 km.

We will set out from the centre of Citerna and go to Lerchi, and then bike 13 km to Città di Castello. We recommend seeing the city before starting the climb to Pieve de’ Saddi (elevation of over 10%); at the top, we can visit the church and take rest a little. Then we leave for Pietralunga; dinner and overnight stay. 46.2 km.

Departure from Piazza 7 Maggio in the centre of Pietralunga. We will go uphill following the signs for San Benedetto Vecchio. Then we will continue to Mocaiana, followed by Fontanelle and Gubbio, where we will have dinner and spend the night. Total 26.8 km.

We will set out from the car park of Gubbio’s Roman amphitheatre. The route will take us past the church of the Vittorina, where St Francis supposedly met the wolf. We will continue along the Franciscan Peace Trail between Perugia and Assisi. When we get to Ponte d’Assi, we will go past the Abbey of Vallingegno, the castle of Biscina, Valfabbrica Pianello, Ripa, Civitella d’Arna, Ponte Valleceppi, Pretola and then Perugia; dinner and overnight stay. Total kilometres 64.8.

We will set out from Piazza IV Novembre in Perugia and head to Civitella d’Arna, followed by Sant’Egidio, Bastiola, Bastia Umbra, Santa Maria degli Angeli and Assisi; dinner and overnight stay. Total kilometres for this leg: 29.5.

The last day is devoted to the town of Assisi and our return.