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Castello di Magrano

Castello di Magrano


The Castle of Magrano is surrounded by a large loop of the Chiascio river, in the territory of Gubbio, in Umbria, on a promontory from which the view arrives up to the Cucco Mount, has been built. Immerged in an uncontaminated landscape, bordered by woods, grasslands and waters, the history of Magrano is dating back to the middle ages, when it was the heart of the defence of the Commune of Gubbio against Perugia.

In 1391 Melchiorre Montaiti, Lord Magrano, undertook against the Noble Antonio da Montefeltro, Lord of Urbino and Gubbio: Magrano was then severely assaulted with the destruction of its mill (then built again and still existing nowadays) but the soldiers of the Montefeltro family did not succeed to take over the Castle. In 1431 Magrano moved under the jurisdiction of the Dukes of Montefeltro. Federico da Montefeltro turned it into his favourite hunting residence. The Duke was active in the hunting of the fallow deers and wild boars that are still populating the residence; this hunting was always finishing with a banquet during which were appreciated the most precious fruits of this land, among which in particular the truffle.

It is in this charming corner of nature, in this place so full of traditions and history, that you can spend some nice days of relax and entertainment, not far away from fascinating cities of art such as Gubbio, Gualdo Tadino, Nocera Umbra, Perugia and Assisi in addition to the park of the Cucco Mount with its summer sports (trekking and delta plane) and winter sports (skiing).

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