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“Paying tribute to the infinite nuances of an incredible land is the foundation of my identity. The love and imagination of those who follow their dreams and the spirit of taking up a challenge are the ingredients of a perfect synergy between man and nature in the search for excellence”.

The winery was founded in 2008 in Narni, in the region of Umbria, inspired by my great passion for wine and, above all, for my homeland and for an extraordinary but little – known grape variety, Ciliegiolo. This came in the wake of several years of working with the University of Milan to search for ancient clones and map old vineyards (the “great grapes of Umbria” project). It was a decision shared by a great friend and professional, Federico Curtaz, and we wanted to try to make this variety into an excellent wine. Today the winery is spread out over seven hectares. In addition to Ciliegiolo di Narni, we also grow another native Umbria variety, Grechetto, and we have an olive grove in Itieli, in the municipality of Narni, at an altitude of approximately 600 metres.

The production of grapes and olives has been certified as organic by the national agency ICEA. We are currently working only with the oldest vineyards and the production is around 12/13,000 bottles, distributed among three wines: about 4,000 bottles of Colle Ozio Grechetto Umbria IGT, about 8,000 bottles of Brecciaro Ciliegiolo di Narni IGT, about 600 bottles – only magnums – of Vigna Vecchia, our selection of Ciliegiolo di Narni. Tradition has allowed Ciliegiolo di Narni to survive over the centuries, my challenge has been to revive its tradition, promoting it and making it known through my wines.


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