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The Franciscan Sources contain a number of passages recounting how Francis was taken to this area to find comfort for his physical suffering through the mild climate and curative waters here. It was here that the knights of Assisi came to meet Francis, taking him back to die in his hometown, as he requested. Aside from the historic sources, the local population continues their deep affection for the saint even today. To hear more about the saint’s ties with this place and for information regarding local Franciscan sites, contact  Comunanza Agraria (Lorenzo Perticoni 338.4369829).

The life of this small village revolves around the pretty Chiesa di sant’Egidio and the Università degli uomini di Bagnara. This latter organization, founded in 1343, is dedicated to the conservation of this land and its traditions. We recommend contacting members to hear stories of local history as only those who truly love their land can tell them (for contacts, see Bagnara – Villaggio Sostenibile).

Source: “La via di Francesco” – Edizioni San Paolo S.r.l.


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