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In Assisi, everything speaks of Francis and his message: the buildings covered in Sabasio’s pink stone give color to grey days and light up in the golden rays of sunset. Rather than visit the city in any particular order, lose yourself in the winding alleys which take you back to Francis’ youth. In Piazza del Comune, the Roman Tempio della Minerva (1st century A.D.) – now a church under the Friars of the Third Order-the Palazzo del Podestà, and the Palazzo dei Priori sit harmoniously side by side. Especially for those who have arrived on foot, the Oratorio dei Pellegrini, with its excellent fresco treatment of Saint James and the pilgrimage to Santiago, is particularly compelling.

The Pinacoteca Comunale, with its rich art collection, and the Museo della Memoria, dedicated to the memory of Jews persecuted under the Nazi regime and saved by the Franciscan spirit in Assisi, are worth a visit.

Source: “La via di Francesco” – Edizioni San Paolo S.r.l.


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