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SOUTHERN route from Greccio to Assisi



ACCOMMODATION: 12 nights in holiday farms and hotels

ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICE! €1000 per person in a double room, €1200 per person in a single room

THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: half-board for accommodation in a double or single room, bag lunch (for groups of at least 10 people), pilgrim’s welcome kit (rucksack or T-shirt and printed guidebook), admission to the Marmore Waterfall.

On request, the Pilgrim’s Credential with each person’s name on it will also be issued.

EXTRA SERVICES: For already formed groups, customized quotations and special itineraries can be organized.Transfer of guests and baggage between facilities.Insurance.

WE RECOMMEND: comfortable clothing, hiking shoes.



Greccio. This is the starting point for the southern itinerary, but it also marks the beginning of one of Christianity’s most moving traditions: the Nativity scene. It was here that in 1223 Francis had the Child’s crèche prepared for the sacred representation of Christmas. Arrival during the day, tour of the town of Greccio and the beautiful sanctuary, which from the outside looks as if it is set in the rocky hillside.

We will set out for Assisi. The first leg is long and we must save our energy to climb up Colle Sant’Elia, the only difficult stretch on this route. Nevertheless, this difficulty is rewarded by the stunning view near the sanctuary of Fonte Colombo and the lovely trails that circle around the Sacred Valley. It is best to set out early in order to have time to discover the monuments of Rieti. 23.8 km.

Departure from Rieti. The walk goes to two important sanctuaries in the Franciscan valley: La Foresta and Poggio Bustone. The path goes up and down, but it is important to save enough energy for the final kilometres uphill to Poggio Bustone. 18.4 km.

Fourth leg: from Poggio Bustone to Piediluco. 22 km. We leave Rieti’s Sacred Valley to enter into Umbria. The pilgrims are welcomed by Lake Piediluco, which was immortalized time and again by the artists on the Grand Tour. The difficulty of this leg is the ascent – steep at times – to the Beech of St Francis, but it is rewarded by the majesty of this ancient tree, and we can stop to rest under its branches. The rest of the walk is on delightful trails and mule tracks.

The day is devoted to one of the most beautiful natural sites in the Terni area, the Marmore Waterfall, the tallest in Europe with a total height of 165 metres. The falls can be visited by hiking on marvellous trails and stopping to visit the botanical gardens. We will then go to Piediluco, a picturesque fishing village on the banks of Lake Piediluco. The church of San Francesco is located in the town and commemorates the saint’s visit in 1217. Dinner at a restaurant overlooking the lake and overnight stay. Route: approximately 10 km.

After a large breakfast overlooking the lake, we will set out for our first leg of the journey to arrive in Arrone. On this leg, the beautiful natural surroundings will evoke the memory of St Francis. We will start from the stunning landscape of Lake Piediluco and walk along the banks of the River Velino, whose waters create the spectacular Marmore Waterfall, and then we will continue along the cool currents of the River Nera. This is a delightful and undemanding leg of approximately 13 km.

We will set out for Ceselli. This is a relaxing stretch that will help loosen our muscles and prepare us for the climb to Spoleto. We will walk on level ground in the river valley of the Nera, whose meanders resemble a dragon’s tail according to local lore. These ancient thoroughfares, guarded by hilltop castles, boast beautiful natural surroundings. Approximately 15 km.

From the narrow green valley of the River Nera we will head into the wide and sunny Spoleto Valley to reach Spoleto, where St Francis’s autograph letter has been preserved. We will climb gradually for about 8 km and several stretches are quite steep. Because of the long ascent, this leg is one of the most demanding of the southern walk. Our arrival at the sacred woods of Monteluco, the location of the Franciscan hermitage, will give us a preview of the thrill of reaching Assisi. Approximately 17 km.

This is leg is simple at the beginning, but from Eggi we will start to climb, with several steep stretches. We will walk through the Spoleto countryside, dominated by expanses of olive groves that cover all the hills, and we will arrive in Poreta. Approximately 14.5 km.

This is leg is simple at the beginning, but from Eggi we will start to climb, with several steep stretches. We will walk through the Spoleto countryside, dominated by expanses of olive groves that cover all the hills, and we will arrive in Poreta. Approximately 14.5 km.

From Trevi to Foligno. We will continue through terraced olive groves, but then we will gradually head down to the valley. Along the way there are numerous small shrines at the crossroads, almost as if to show us the way. The leg is simple, but on the last stretch before Foligno we will be walking on a busy road. 13 km. Assisi is ever closer.

While the anticipation of reaching Assisi makes us want to speed up, we recommend slowing down so we can fully enjoy the last part of the walk. We will go from charming Spello to walk peacefully along the slopes of Mount Subasio. There is just one ascent, but it is not difficult, and then in Assisi the paths of Francis and Clare converge. Lastly, the walk will be rewarded by a stop in the shadows of the Lower Church, in front of the tomb of St Francis. Final leg: 20 km.

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