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Fattoria Luchetti

Fattoria Luchetti


The history of Fattoria Luchetti goes back to over fifty years ago, with a farm in the Umbrian countryside surrounded by hills and olive groves just outside the town of Collazzone, a few kilometres from Perugia. Today the farm extends over an area of approximately 200 hectares, where in addition to breeding livestock we also grow corn, durum wheat, barley, forage, tobacco, grapes and olives.

The heart of the farm is represented by our herds, with over 500 head of Chianina, 250 pigs, 50 Cinta Senese pigs, 160 Appenninica sheep, draft horses, game, poultry and rabbits. The animals are fed a good diet, which guarantees the high quality of our meat. All the animals at Fattoria Luchetti are raised exclusively on our own farm products (hay, straw, corn, barley and fava beans), respecting top-level conditions to ensure their health and hygiene. The first-hand production of these raw materials and constant monitoring of our crops has allowed us to set up dietary charts to ensure the high quality and balanced growth of our animals. The breeding system we have set up means we produce healthy, natural and top-quality meat.

The farm is a national leader in the breeding of Chianina cattle with a traceable genealogy. This is why our Chianina beef also boasts the “Vitellone Bianco dell’Appennino Centrale PGI” label, which guarantees consumers the origin, quality and wholesomeness of our meat.