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Bosco di San Francesco

Bosco di San Francesco


This magical wood, with a history spanning millenia, is a mystical spot, soothing to both the eyes and the spirit, where Saint Francis’ words come to life. To walk through Saint Francis’ Wood in Assisi is a unique experience, an inner journey through nature, history and faith to better understand the message of perfect harmony between man and creation that Saint Francis carried from these hills to the world.
The journey through the quieter half of Assisi begins at the entrance in the grassy piazza in front of the Upper Basilica. Through here, woods, fields, pastures, olive groves, hills, and valleys make up the landscape, which is dotted with just a few signs of man: the Church of Santa Croce, the remains of a hospital and monastery, two bridges, a mill, and a historic tower from which visitors can admire the “Terzo Paradiso”, an extraordinary work of land art by the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, created exclusively for the Wood. This woodland (part of the FAI National Heritage Fund) opened to the public in November of 2011 after a long and complex restoration and conservation project, and today offers a full calendar of events for visitors.

Source: “La via di Francesco” – Edizioni San Paolo S.r.l.