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Società Agricola Le Guardie

Società Agricola Le Guardie


The beehives of the farming company Le Guardie, owned by Riccardo and Arianna Cacioppolini, are situated in the untouched hillsides of Passignano sul Trasimeno, Preggio and Montesperello, near Perugia, and on the banks of the Tiber in Torgiano, far from city centres. It is here that the bees collect their nectar, pollen water, so the Cacioppolini can make artisanal honey according to traditions handed down to
them from their forefathers since 1898.

Riccardo and Arianna’s passion for nature and their desire to keep traditions alive inspired them to establish the farm on the slopes around Lake Trasimeno in 2011. With the aim of requalifying family lands abandoned over the years, the owners have focused on Ligustica and Nera Sicula bees, harvesting wildflower, acacia and chestnut honey. In addition to being packaged in jars, these honeys are also used to produce artisanal honey-filled chocolates, spreadable creams made by blending honey with DOP and PGI products like Bronte pistachios and Langhe hazelnuts, and mead, an ancient drink defined as “the nectar of the gods”.

All these products are made respecting the environment and following traditional techniques, using clean electrical energy produced by a 200-kW photovoltaic system owned by the farm.