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La Valletta

La Valletta


La Valletta is a farming estate that was established by Antonio and Adriana Cappelletti in 1985, but it is backed by a long tradition. Focusing specifically on local customs, La Valletta – now managed by their children, Alessandro and Rosalba – has rediscovered typical Umbrian flavours that had almost been forgotten, such as chickling peas and spelt. La Valletta has skilfully brought these products to the company’s reference market thanks above all to their high quality, making them perfect for the finest delicatessens and speciality shops. The products that are grown here are part of the Umbrian farming and culinary tradition that the company wants to promote outside the area so people can discover and appreciate it.

Every year the company allocates about one-third of its available land to cultivating various legumes. It focuses above all on quality, which represents La Valletta’s key objective, guaranteed by a natural production process conducted entirely on the farm, from the harvest to selection and packaging. Promoting the rediscovery of ancient flavours, La Valletta offers an array of products that represent the very taste of Umbria, a land full of history and tradition.