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Il Tarabuso

Il Tarabuso


What makes the difference is the quality of the territory where the “Il Tarabuso” farm produces saffron, legumes and cereals. The Colfiorito Nature Reserve – which is also the regional park of Umbria – is part of an immense plateau with exceptional features such as the Colfiorito marsh, where extremely rare species of flora and fauna can be observed. Aquatic birds, some of which very rare and protected such as the great bittern, called Tarabuso in Italian, reproduce at the marsh. The composition of the soil, its fertility and the altitude of these lands have created ideal conditions for cultivating seed ecotypes of the quality of the Castelluccio di Norcia lentil. The area’s best-known cereal is spelt, a product that is completely organic because it does not require pesticides. It is processed either as whole grains or coarsely ground; spelt flour, made by grinding the grain with a millstone, is highly sought-after.

“Il Tarabuso” is situated in the heart of the Colfiorito Nature Reserve, on the hill overlooking the marsh, in the village of Forcatura. The key elements of the farm’s management philosophy are eco-sustainability and environmental respect, considered top priorities for its overall strategies. The new generation of consumers has started to demand products that are no longer just appealing but also healthy and thus safe. Above all, we add a sense of ethics, meaning that these products respect the environment, human beings and the ecosystem. According to the “Il Tarabuso” farm, the emerging business model revolves around the eco-compatibility of production processes, with criteria aimed at reducing environmental impact.