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Cantina Tudernum

Cantina Tudernum


The Tudernum winery was established in 1958, when 54 vignerons joined forces to make and sell their wine as a cooperative. The winery’s few initial hectares of vineyards grew to around 650 between 1975 and 1995, the year Tudernum started its repositioning process, which led it to downsize to its current 350 hectares. This process was a key part of the strategy to restructure the winery’s production and it marked the beginning of a new phase for Tudernum wines.

This particular wine is made from Sangiovese (minimum 85%) and Merlot grapes to create a blend distinguished by its intensity, structure and elegance. Sangiovese is a red variety whose name is derived from the Latin sanguis Jovis, meaning “Jupiter’s blood”. The wine is aged in oak barrels for about eight months followed by bottle ageing for another six months, for a total of fourteen months. Like all our red wines, our Sangiovese offers intense aromas and excellent body, but without ever being aggressive. Pair it with first courses with meat sauce, roasted or grilled meat, and charcuterie. Serve at 16° C.