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Azienda Agricola Sorelle Zappelli Cardarelli

Azienda Agricola Sorelle Zappelli Cardarelli


The Sorelle Zappelli Cardarelli farm is run by three sisters, Maria, Alessandra, and Sara. Set in the hills around the town of Trevi, in the middle of Umbria, the green heart of Italy, the farm is surrounded by an extraordinary expanse of age-old olive groves. The farm’s main activity is the production of organic olive oil and it covers an area of 50 hectares from the plains to the hills and up to the woods. It also produces gains, forage, lentils, vegetables and lumber.

The olive oil is made exclusively using the Muraiolo variety cultivated in family-owned olive groves using organic farming methods. All the groves are located in the municipality of Trevi (capital of the “Olive Oil Cities”), in the “PDO Umbria – Colli Assisi- Spoleto” production area. The olives are harvested by hand between mid-October and the end of December and are cold-pressed within 24 hours to yield extra virgin olive oil distinguished by its green colour and its fruity but intense and balanced flavour with bitter and piquant notes.