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Azienda Agricola Brunozzi

Azienda Agricola Brunozzi


Agraria Brunozzi is a small family-run farm in the municipality of Montefalco, in the old rural village of Colle Artefuso overlooking the plain towards Spoleto. Our forebears are documented here as far back as 1600 and produced wine and oil even then. The farm covers eight hectares of land, two of which with vineyards (registered with the Montefalco DOC and DOCG consortium) and three with olive groves (Umbria PDO).

The farm’s full exposure to the sun, dry climate, marly clay soil, cultivation methods that respect the environment and ideal harvesting mean top-quality olives and grapes. No pesticides are used on the olives, which are harvested by hand in the second half of October. Every evening they are brought to the mill to be pressed to make a high-quality and delicate extra virgin olive oil with extremely low acidity. Grape harvesting is done exclusively by hand and permits careful selection of all the clusters.

During the entire winemaking process – from vinification to the bottle – we have tried to combine modern technology with the utmost respect for tradition. The names of our wines are tied to the terroir as well as our family history, and a fresco from 1852, still at our ancient family residence, is pictured on our labels.