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Borgo della Marmotta

Borgo della Marmotta

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The bell towers of the Church of S. Christopher rise hig, in the small village of Poreta, the location of  “Borgo della Marmotta” Farm Resort. The origins of the village date back to the seventeenth century and its one-of -a- kind charm has remained constant for centuries. An very attentive restoration was recently completed and it has returned to its original charm.

The architectural details recently brought back to surface of the ancient rural function of this tiny village are still evident. The square, the stables, the sheepfold, the mill, the granary and the great outdoors courts were once essentials tool for life in the countryside.

Now these areas, previously abandoned, have come back to life in a different form. Our guests surrounded by history and spirituality (wich is common to many places of the “hidden Umbria”), rediscovers the importance of connecting with the countryside.

Besides the elegance and comfort, Il Borgo della Marmotta offers hospitality based on the principle of feeling at home. From the discreet and cordial service, to the small, customized details, up to the advice and recommendations to best enjoy your stay in this corner of Umbria, all this contributes to the total well-being of our guests.

The gentle landscape, the elegance and comfort of the interiors and the hospitality derived from an ancient tradition all make the Borgo della Marmotta the ideal location to discover Umbria.